Monday, January 12, 2015

Dec. 9

Man this is crazy so my p day is on Tuesday. But this place is kinda weird. I've had my fare share of ups and downs but if it wasn't for my companion i would be coming home but my zone is so small its me and 7 others and we are the zone and district me and my companion are the zone leaders we are the most chillest zone there is. We all have nicknames I'm elder cran baby crandall then my companion is Elder childish man dingo aka slayer ford he's from queen creek AZ then there Elder pax daddy paxman he's from Canada eh and then there's shoty got lo' amonu aka chocolate cake  from taylorsville ut. I found Chandler Johns but we've only seen each other twice. I taught my first lesson on friday with an investigator, its hard doing it in french then in 6 weeks I have to start over and do it again in tahitian. I've made some really good friends here and I'm excited to know these guys  I'll send pics next week of our whole group

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