Monday, January 12, 2015

Dec. 30

bonjour quoi des neuf (whats new) hope everyone had a great Christmas mine was for sure different. Christmas morning started off with the usual get up and go to breakfast but this one was a "continental" breakfast and it wasn't that good but when is the food here ever good? Anyways after that we went to the Christmas day devotional and we had an apostle speak it was Richard Nielsen that was pretty cool then later that day our district decided to take and awkward family christmas picture (if i can ever figure out how to upload pictures on here I'll put it up) then we got to call home to our families but only for 30 mins but that was nice while it lasted. Then after that we had a 5 star sack dinner, it was horrible like always but that didn't matter because i was with my Tahitian fam so that was cool. We even drew ourselves a Christmas tree on our board and put a light up ring on top of it to make it more christmasy after that the soeurs in our class gave us a present it was the best present i have ever gotten because it was stuff that they found in there dorms it was cool. Later that night as we went back to our rez there were elders doing some fun activities like this french elder put a pillow in his shirt and put shaving cream on and ran around saying he was papa noel it was so funny then there was sing from the poly's down stairs they have the coolest voices ever I love hearing them sing. Then there was this tahitian elder doing magic and he did this trick where... well i cant explain how he did it but it was the coolest thing ever then later this week on sunday we had David Archuleta and Richard Elliot come speak to us and that was so cool well thats all i can remember that went on if you have any questions for me feel free to ask and also feel free to email me 

Je T'aime de Elder Crandall 

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