Monday, January 12, 2015

Dec. 16

bonjour j'mappel elder crandall and this place is crazy its only been a couple of weeks and it has been a roller coaster of emotions the days here feel like weeks but the weeks feel like days. A lot has happened in the past couple of weeks that I thought would never happen so the friday after i got here I had to teach my first investigator in french. Her name was Brenda and that went bad, it was hard. So let me take you guys through a day in the life of a missionary at the MTC so we wake up every morning at 6 a.m. work out for a couple of mins then we get in the shower and get ready for the day. Then go eat breakfast at 7 after that we go to our classroom and study for an hour, then we would have our first teacher come in how turned out to be brenda her name really is soeur(sir) green she's way cool then she teaches us until lunch which is at 1130. But every class that is taught is taught in french only which is way hard but I've been picking up the language pretty fast. I can understand it more than we can speak it which make it kinda difficult but its what ever. Anyways after lunch we go back to class and meet our other teach soeur cook she is cool all my teachers just got back from Tahiti from their missions. But they have been teaching us and now we have two new investigators soeur cook how is pretending to be cecillia and soeur green who is pretending to be taihani anyway after soeur cook is done teaching we have an hour of study time until dinner then after that we go back to class and prepare our lessons and its pretty boring at times. Then we have gym at 8 then we go back to the res and we hold it down we just said good by to a couple of elders on our floor last night is was sad to see them leave, it was just as hard saying bye to them as it was saying bye to you guys. We only knew them a couple of weeks but it was like we had known them our whole life they were so cool. So let me tell you about my zone/ district, theres only 8 of us right now but we are suppose to get 17 more in our zone. But theres me and my colleague elder Ford he's from queen creek az. And then theres elder Paxman from calgory canada eh! And then theres elder loamanu from taylorsville ut haha and we all "hold it down, cuz ya kno we keeps it 100" haha we are the chills elders in the whole mtc in my opinion we all sing like we are in a barber shop cortet haha but we need new songs to sing so if you have any suggestions of songs from the 40's- the 60's that would be great. I would really love to hear from you all and if you want to send me stuff my mailing address is 

elder taylor lee crandall 
feb16 tahi-pap
2007N 900E unit 9
provo ut 84602 

thanks guys ill be sending out at weekly update every tuesday (pday) on how im doing in the mtc 
love elder crandall 

p.s. ill try and upload picture as soon as i can 

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